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Bird’s Nest Soup: A Delicacy in China and BNM’s Success in Peel Off End Packaging Solutions

News | | Mar 09,2023

Bird’s nest soup, known as “燕窝” (yàn wō) in Chinese, is a prized delicacy in Chinese cuisine. The soup is made from the saliva of swiftlets, a type of bird that constructs its nests on the walls of caves or buildings.

bird nest with Peel off end lid

Bird’s nest soup is highly valued in Chinese culture for its purported health benefits, including promoting good skin, boosting the immune system, and improving overall health. The soup is typically served as a savory dish, often with chicken or other ingredients.

BNM, a packaging solutions company, has successfully established itself as the leading supplier of packaging solutions for bird’s nest soup. Since its founding in 2017, BNM has been committed to providing top-quality packaging solutions for this highly valued delicacy.

Through its focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, BNM has gained a reputation as a trusted partner in the bird’s nest soup industry. Its products, including the innovative peel-off lid for bird’s nest soup cans, have become the most widely used by leading manufacturers and distributors of bird’s nest soup.

As the first player in the bird’s nest soup packaging industry, BNM has paved the way for other companies to follow in its footsteps. Through its pioneering efforts and commitment to quality, BNM has helped to make bird’s nest soup more accessible and convenient for customers around the world.

In addition to its use in bird’s nest soup packaging, the peel-off lid has found many other applications in the food and beverage industry. For example, it is widely used for canned fruits and vegetables, soups, stews, and other ready-to-eat meals. Our vision is to deliver superior service and quality to our customers in the future. We are going to committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do.

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