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BNM #502 retortable POE is here

News | | Sep 28,2023

Good news! BNM 502 POE production line is running in full speed~!!
The 126.5 mm diameter can allows you to pack more and larger contents.

Currently, the 502 POE ring is made of aluminum. You can choose aluminum foil or transparent composite film for sealing. The film and ring materials are corrosion-resistant, especially suitable for sterilized food, such as meat, fish, canned fruits, vegetable soups and other processed foods.

Not only meeting the technical requirements for high-temperature sterilization canned food, on the other hand #502 POE still retained its main feature “safer and easier”. All the food safety parameters are being tested and approved by the National laboratory.

BNM has always insisted that safety is the no. 1 guarantee of human life and quality is the key to success. Therefore, during every single production process, we have always keeping the strictest controlled on product quality to ensure high-quality products for our customers.

Our BNM 502 peel off end is your ideal choice for your sterilized products, creating greater profit margins for you while ensuring product quality and safety. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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