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News | | May 08,2023

The METPACK 2023 trade fair for metal packaging has concluded in Essen, Germany, with exhibitors and attendees from around the world gathering to showcase their latest products and technologies. Among them was BNM, a leading manufacturer of peel off end lids for cans, which drew significant interest from industry professionals.

At the event, BNM showcased its range of peel off end lids, which are used to seal cans of various sizes and are designed for easy opening. The company’s products were highly praised for their quality and durability, with many attendees expressing interest in learning more about how they could incorporate them into their own packaging solutions.



METPACK 2023 featured over 300 exhibitors from 30 countries, with attendees from across the packaging industry. The event provided an ideal platform for companies to showcase their latest products and connect with potential customers and partners.


With the success of this year’s event, METPACK is already planning for its next edition in 2025, and BNM is looking forward to participating once again and continuing to push the boundaries of metal packaging technology.

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