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News | News | Jul 26,2022

Recently a canned fish factory in the Americas came to us. They planed to replace their current easy open ends with BNM transparent peel off ends. Services and travel is limited under COVID-19 pandemic. In order to help our clients fully understand BNM transparent peel off ends and alleviate their unnecessary worries and excessive confusion about the technical operations, BNM’s professional team arranged an online meeting, a face-to-face technical exchanges with the customers.

At the meeting, we showed our advanced transparent peel off end production lines, features and advantages of our products through videos and product samples, and explained and answered all customer’s technical questions, such as product specification, sealing machine technical settings, filling temperatures, sterilization temperature and pressure best practice, and shelf life etc.

We’re very happy that customers had a thorough understanding of our transparent peel off ends through this video conference, and we are pleased that the replacement project moves a BIG step forward.

If you need any technical support from us, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. BNM online services always give you support anytime, anywhere. We are looking forwards to serving you.

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