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BNM Team Build: A fishing tour on Yueqing Bay

News | | Apr 03,2023

The BNM team recently went on a memorable team-building excursion to Yueqing Bay, where they enjoyed a fun-filled day of fishing and team-building activities. The beautiful bay, located on the coast of eastern China, provided the perfect backdrop for the team to bond and unwindbnmThe day began with an early morning departure from the BNM headquarters, where everyone was excited to start the adventure. Upon arrival at the bay, we recived some basic safety instruction, and sonn we were on board, ready to expore the lovely Yueqing Bay.

As the day went on, the team enjoyed the serene beauty of the bay while reeling in fish after fish. The experience provided a great opportunity for team members to work together, share tips and strategies, and bond over a shared love of fishing. Even those who had never fished before were able to catch some fish with the help of their more experienced colleagues.
After a successful day of fishing, the team reconvened at a nearby restaurant to enjoy a delicious seafood feast made from their own catch of the day. As they shared stories of their fishing experiences, the team members grew closer together and strengthened their bonds.
The day’s activities were not just about fishing, however. The team also participated in several team-building exercises designed to promote collaboration and problem-solving. These included a scavenger hunt and a puzzle-solving challenge, which encouraged team members to work together to achieve common goals.

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