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BNM’s POE lid family has added new members — F311/304E square POE lid

News | | Feb 20,2023

After two years of development, BNM has recently successfully launched two new lid types, F311 and F304E, which are suitable for F311 and F304 square cans. At present, for these two new types of caps, the material of the sealing film can be selected from aluminum foil composite film or transparent composite film.


The newly launched F311/304E square POE lid fulfills the technical requirements for high-temperature sterilization of canned food, while maintaining ease of use and safety. Additionally, the lids are customizable with surface printing options and boast an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These features make them suitable for widespread use in food packaging, particularly for meat products and canned aquatic products.


The product has passed the third-party quality inspection and is safe and hygienic.




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