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Peel Off Ends: a sample Guide to Easy Open Packaging

News | | Mar 16,2023

What are peel off ends?

Peel off ends are a type of easy open end that allow consumers to access the contents of a can without using a can opener. Peel off ends consist of a metal ring and a flexible membrane that can be peeled off by pulling a tab. Peel off ends are suitable for various types of products, such as dry foods, pet foods, dairy products, beverages, and cosmetics.

Why use peel off ends?

Peel off ends offer several advantages over conventional can ends. They provide convenience and safety for consumers, as they eliminate the risk of sharp edges or metal shavings. They also enhance the shelf appeal and brand recognition of products, as they allow for more creative designs and printing options on the membrane. Moreover, peel off ends are environmentally friendly, as they reduce the amount of metal used in packaging and facilitate recycling.

How are peel off ends made?

Peel off ends are manufactured using advanced technology and equipment. The membrane is made of aluminum or composite material that is heat-sealed to the ring using special machines. The machines can produce different sizes and shapes of peel off ends according to customer specifications. The quality and performance of peel off ends are ensured by rigorous testing and inspection procedures.

Who uses peel off ends?

Peel off ends are widely used by leading brands around the world to deliver freshness and satisfaction to their customers. Peel off ends are an innovative solution that combine functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability in packaging.

From BNM’s experience, it can be used in:

General purpose / dry food / tea / seed / candy

Retortable / canned fish / canned meat / canned soup

coffee bean / Kimchi / Seeds / Others

Infant Formula

--- END ---

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