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BNM Mission: Make life easier and safer

BNM Vision: Provide our customers with innovative, green and intelligent products, provide our employees with best quality of life

BNM has GMP clean room production areas, fulfilling all the requirements on environment, health and safety standards. This is to ensure good production environment and best product quality. BNM has several automatic peel off end production lines, daily production capacity over 2 million pieces. Our product sizes covering 113#, 209#, 211#, 300#, 307#, 401#, 405#, 502#. The capacity will keep growing as more lines are going to be installed. More sizes and shapes of peel off ends are under development, and will be launched soon!

The aim of BNM product development is green and environmentally friendly. Besides easy and safe, recyclable and sustainability are also our key concerns. We minimize the use of energy and maximize the efficiency on each process, in order to achieve carbon emission reduction goal. We are proud to be part of it.

BNM is also equipped with an advanced laboratory. We are able to imitate and analyse the product applications and various conditions. This allows us to acquire sufficient data and experiences on different applications scenarios. We are capable to provide instant solutions and technical support to customers. BNM technical support team is ready to help customer solving onsite issue, face-to-face communication facilitating smooth production and new product development.

Technology inheritance is one of our priorities. BNM cooperates with many tertiary institutions, providing on-job training programmes, internship and setting research projects for the student and graduates. While sharing our industrial experiences and wisdom, this also providing us with continuous sources of high educated and knowledgeable talents. This keeps our innovative capability and results always at the leading position.

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