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At the very beginning, peel off ends were widely used for packing dried food and infant formula. One of the reasons is immature of the flexible membrane production technology.

Gradually the food manufacturers realized the advantages of the peel off end, which is easier and safer on applications. It is also convenient for the elderly and children to use.

Our mother company has 30 years experience on the research and development as well as production of flexible membrane. The membranes are supplied globally to numerous world-class food enterprises.

With our professional R&D team, we are proud to announce that we independently innovated some membranes with special functions or advanced the production technology in special membrane production. These membranes are almost world unique:

Many more are coming !!

Industrial Application Experience

Food processes conditions vary. Food processes machinery vary. When customers have headaches in using the POE product, we are able to provide solutions instantly. It is because no one knows this POE product better than we do. Membrane is produced by our mother company. We test the products countless times before it is launched to the market. We imitate the application scenarios used by our customers, test it over and over again. In these years, we have accumulated a lots of valuable experimental data. We have plenty of hand- on experiences in helping our customers to solve the application issue. We are confident that we can help you.

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